Oil Filtration


In the course of search for better and more efficient filter media for industrial use, the House of UMAS have developed and produced a new generation industrial filter named "UMAS" QUARTZ Membrane Micronic Filter. It is capable of removing all suspended particles, both visible and non-visible, bacterial slurries and sterilizes liquids upto sub-micronic level.

The development of microporous membranes has played a key role in the success of the membrane filter systems. Though the micropores of membranes are small they are big enough to create some resistance in the movement of dissolved and liquid substances. The membranes being highly porous, the proper spacing of the pores ensures highly efficient filtration and better separating efficiency.

The standard micronic filters have membranes having pore sizes of 10, 3, 1 and 0.3 microns. With a conflicting network of criss-cross paths created by the micro fibre construction which the particles must confront, they get trapped within the depth of membranes.

Main advantages of using “UMAS” QUARTZ Membrane Micronic Filters.

  • The better loading feature and stack construction of the filter module contribute to longer life.
  • The filter media retains particles in its entire depth and not just at the surface as in many conventional filters. This increases its waste loading capacity.
  • High efficiency is achieved as the tortuous paths of the membranes ensure the capture of particles of all shapes and sizes. Further, as the membranes are stacked horizontally there is no media migration and loss of cake.
  • Change over is made easy due to the stack construction of the module. Loss of processing liquids can be kept to the minimum.
  • As only the membranes need to be changed and not the module, it is cost effective.
  • Chemical properties of membranes and other elements of module make the membrane micronic filters suitable for a wide range of processing liquids.
  • These liquid filters have wide applications and can be used where fine filtration / polishing is needed and are ideal for industries such as:
Fats and Oils
Paints & Varnishes
Bulk Chemicals


Hydraulic Fluids
Cosmetics etc.

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