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TIGER MK-II Oil Expeller

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TIGER MK II Oil Expeller
The Tiger MK-II Oil Expeller is designed to meet the growing needs of small scale oil mills in India and abroad. The main feature is the rigid, all steel, single piece steel fabrication, properly machined to close tolerance on most modern Horizontal Boring machine in one setting. This helps in longer life and proper alignment of bearings and chambers. This MK-II design is an improved version of our previous Baby Oil Expeller No.1 which is working efficiently in different countries of the world.

Brief Outstanding Features

All Steel single piece steel fabrication, properly machined to close tolerance for perfect alignment.

Main Components
These are of special design for better yield and smooth operation and are made from special steel with proper case hardening.

Heavy duty Ball and Roller bearings are fitted for maximum life and low noise operation.

Gear Box
Is integral with the main body and gears are bath lubricated in a dust free housing. Heavy duty thrust bearing is also fitted to take the entire thrust of the machine.

Cone Point
Cake thickness is regulated by means of a simple nut arrangement which moves the cone in and out.

Is vertically hinged and can very easily be opened for replacement of worms or cage bars. This saves a lot of time and labour. Length of chamber is increased from the standard one for better oil recovery.

A built in countershaft arrangement with ball bearing is supplied, so that the machine can be driven directly from an independent electric motor. Drive from electric motor to countershaft and from countershaft to gear box shaft is through proper V Belts. In both cases belt tightening arrangement is included.

Main Shaft
Can be withdrawn very easily without disturbing the gear section in any way.

Steam Kettle
Can be supplied at an extra cost, if so required.

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