Oil Expellers

VIP MK-5A Long Cage Oil Expeller

Brief Outstanding Features

All Steel Fabrication and Improved Design
For perfect alignment and stability.

Vertical Hinged 120” Long Pressing Box
Entirely eliminates the difficult task of removing box for relining or for replacement of worms, which saves lot of time and labour.

Steel Casted Chambers
Reduces time and labour for relining of Cage Bars

The main Shaft
Of the Expeller is water cooled and is of alloy steel construction, fitted with High Pressure Worms, hard faced, with a highly wear resistant alloy. The worm arrangement has been designed to expel the maximum recoverable oil from oil bearing materials.

Shaft Withdrawal
The main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn very easily without disturbing the gear section in any way. Pressing worms and collars can be changed without disturbing the main shaft. The thrust of the pressure worms is taken upon large spherical roller thrust bearings.

The feeding hopper has a vertical feed device, which compacts the seed coming from the heating kettle, and press it uniformly into the cage.

The Cake at the Discharge end
Of the main cage is controlled by manually operated arrangement which is so simple that the choke gear is independent of the main drive and there is no possibility of a sudden load being placed on Expeller motor. A motorized system can also be provided at an extra cost.

An Oil Discharge Conveyor
Is fitted along the full length of the Expeller having right and left hand flights to deliver the oil to central point. The drive is from the main Gear Box.

The power required to drive the “UMAS” VIP MK-5A EXPELLER is 150 HP for single pressing/pre-pressing.

Gear Box & Lubrication
An improved triple helical parallel shaft gear unit made from most suitable special steel, running in oil bath. All shafts run on antifriction bearings. Drive housing is oil tight and dust proof, totally enclosed design and is fitted with level indicator. A self contained lubrication arrangement has been provided.

The crushing capacity of “UMAS” VIP MK-5A Oil Expeller is 50/60 tons per day in single pressing and 150 tons per day in pre-pressing depending upon the materials being crushed and the working conditions.

Kettle / Cooker
The steam kettle is of adequate capacity with 5’-6” dia., five high pressure tested steam jackets fitted with self controlled meal inlet to prevent overflowing, with steam spray arrangement in top and bottom jackets, safety valve, an air venting connection and separate motorized exhaust unit. The Cooker has independent Gear Box and Motor of 25 HP and 1.5 HP for aspiration system.

Steel Structure for Cooker and Motor Control Cabinet
Are provided as standard accessories.

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