Seed Processing Equipment

Decorticator & Separator

Suitable for:
Cottonseed, Sunflower, Castor Seed, Soya Beans & Other Small Oil Seeds

"UMAS" Decorticator & Separator is the result of long experience in the manufacture of Oil Milling Machinery. Salient features of UMAS Decorticator & Separator are minimum oil absorption, simplicity of operation, durability and low cost of maintenance.

Soundness of design coupled with careful selection of raw material and highest quality of workmanship makes “UMAS” Huller a perfect machine for Cotton Seed, Soya Bean, Castor Seed and other Small Oil Seeds.

Rotating cylinder with 14 rows of knives is carried on extra heavy Ball Bearings which are placed outside the body for easy maintenance and lubrication. The concave portion holding 5 rows of stationary knives remains in perfect alignment with the rotating cylinder. It can easily be adjusted to and from the rotating cylinder by rotating the eccentric shaft. The machine is further protected by holding the concave in position by safety pins which break in case of a piece of metal etc. enters the machine and the concave then opens out.

Cutting angle of knives and their shape is designed to effect a very clear cut of the seed with practically no absorption of the Oil by the hulls. By reversing the knives and turning it over all the four edges of the knives can be used for cutting.

UMAS Impact Huller

"UMAS" Impact Huller is suitable for hulling of sunflower seed , neem seed and jatropha seed. "UMAS" Impact Huller consists of a feed inlet with feed control arrangement from where the product enters the hulling chamber. Both the impeller and the hulling ring in the hulling chamber are constructed of special alloy steel duly hardened. Proper speed of the rotating impeller plays an important role in hulling efficiency. The hull product and dust are discharged through a cyclone. Available in different sizes and capacities.

UMAS Ground-nut Decorticator

UMAS Ground-nut Decorticator No. 1
The "UMAS" Power Driven Decorticator No. 1 is made of steel with automatic feeding arrangement at a uniform regular speed, with necessary arrangement for adjustment of Feeder. It is suitable for shelling 70/80 bags of Ground-nut per hour depending upon the quality of seed.

1. It consumes approximately 7 H.P.
2. R.P.M. of Main Pulley is 110. Stone Separator can be provided at an extra cost if required.
3. Approximate weight about 850/900 Kgs.

UMAS Ground-nut Decorticator No. 2
For small scale industry.
All steel construction, suitable for shelling.

1. 20 Bags of Ground-nut per hour. H.P. required is 1.5
2. R.P.M. of Main Pulley is 150.
3. Approximate weight 300 Kgs.

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